Where to begin? I am Hasan, a born and raised Dutchman with Turkish roots. Currently, I

am occupying a small apartment in The Hague. However, always aspiring to live elsewhere.

Like Amsterdam, London or definitely New York city (Manhattan). Although, I would be fine

with Brooklyn too. Anyway, like many people, I have hobbies. Caffeinating myself on an almost

daily basis with either friends or family, sporadically gaming whatever I feel like at that moment

or convincing myself I would look better a little more muscular while sweating in the gym. Furthermore, I believe that there is no guilty in pleasure. My Spotify playlist can occasionally

be compared to that of a teenage girl. Not always though, at times I do try to mix in a little bit

of adultness in there. I try. Finally, I try to travel as much as I can. Rather than the typical excitement of experiencing different cultures, which is great, I particularly admire the different architecture in different countries.

Along with my slightly goofy side, I am also a creative thinker, strategist and writer. This

website is a very obvious self-promotion technique in case you might not have noticed yet.

I told you, aspiring strategist. I am always up for an interesting conversation about everything. Especially in the nowadays online media world, we have to stay updated right? Within my

career I wish to tell stories. Stories that the viewers or readers can connect to and identify themselves with. Stories that strike them, play in their thoughts to become great conversation

topics any moment of the day. I wish to participate everywhere these stories are composed

and distributed.

Here you can download my resume in case you are interested. They are available in both English and Dutch.

Please feel free to drop me a line in case you interested in working together or fancy a coffee to discuss opportunities. I will reply as soon as possible, it should not take too long.

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